be inspired with DIY

Our exclusive Phillippi Mansion showroom features the interior colors, chandelier and even the fireplace so you can instantly see the design and decor options for this historic estate. Our outdoor setting showcases the variety of lighting options for the patio dancing or outdoor reception.   Because we have done so many weddings at the Phillippi Estate, we know what DIY decor will create that uniqueness of your dream wedding.  Call for an appointment at 941 923 9700 or email us

Phillippi Estate Wedding Planning for your Reception

Phillippi Estate wedding planning for your reception is simple.   The interior of the estate has a main room for seating up to 75 and the  two sunrooms on each side of the main dining room can easily fit 50 guests each.  The venue provides round tables that seat up to 10 guests at each table and 121 interior chairs.  The patio is usually the dance floor and cocktail area so the bar service and the DJ are located outdoors. What is truly lovely are the oak floors in each room and the crystal chandeliers.  There are two side rooms that are perfect for A Tasting Party or Walking Reception (see the approved caterer, Milan Catering for those services) and the library is perfect for a photobooth.  Your wedding reception ideas for a casual, relaxed wedding is perfect for this venue.

The majority of our Phillippi Estate weddings in Sarasota average 120 guests, so you can easily fit everyone in each of the sun rooms and the main room.  Each of these rooms open to the patio. 

Phillippi Estate Weddings